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On May 8,  2006, the City of Lakeside took over the local airport from the State of Oregon.  The surface is turf runway 15/33.  Statistics:  

Length: 2,150 ft, Width 100 ft.  

Lat/Log 43-34.99N/124-10.82W.  

Elevation 20, CTAF 122.9.  


Airplane Fuel and car rental are available at the North Bend Airport, located 12 miles south of Lakeside.  


Within walking distance of our airport is downtown Lakeside, where you can find lodging (Lakeshore Lodge

541-759-3161), and enjoy a meal in one of several restaurants.   



To turn off the sprinklers on the runway, click your radio set at 122.9, 5 or more times.

Airport camping is permitted. National recreation area. Swimming, fishing and boating.

No phone.

541-759-3011 For Additional

Information (City Hall)