Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program

For Eel-Tenmile Lakes

Eel-Tenmile Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program (STEP) consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who work in partnership with the Oregon Fish & Wildlife Department (ODFW).  

We operate the fish trapping program at William H. Tugman State Park, counting the Coho Salmon that pass through the trap on their way upstream to spawn.  The Coho Salmon run starts in Mid-November.  The Steelhead return in December for their spawning run; some are selected for our hatchery program, eggs and milt are removed and sent to Bandon Hatchery for processing.  Our fish counts have increased each year showing the success of the Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program.  

On Free Fishing Weekend, we provide children 14 and under the experience of catching trout at Eel Lake.  

For more information please contact Eel Tenmile S.T.E.P. President Jim Farmer at 541-759-3857, or mail, Eel-Tenmile STEP, P. O. Box 152, Lakeside, Oregon 97449 or ODFW at

2014 Fishing Derby

Smoked  Fish Competition