Treatment Plant

The City of Lakeside collects, treats and disposes of an average 225,000 gallons a day of wastewater from an average population of over 1,600 residents of Lakeside, plus effluent from Shutter Creek Correctional Institution.   The Level III Wastewater Treatment Plant sits next to Tenmile Creek, treating incoming sewage with two donut style Activited Sludge Treatment Units, a Tertiary filter, chlorine disinfection, and dechlorination.  Treated water is then either reused (for irrigation) or disposed of.

Improvements were completed 2007-8.  The following treatment processes were incorporated into the Wastewater Treatment Plant: coagulant addition, turbidity monitoring, a sludgepump station, and denitrification.  

About ¾ of a mile away from the main plant site (on the new North Site Treatment area), there are three new Digesters, a Reclaimed Water Storage Tank, a Sludge Transfer Station, a Blower Building, and Shop Building.  The new Reclaimned Water Irrigation System waters 26 acres at the Lakeside Airport with Level IV water, the highest level of treatment.  The older, 7-acre Irrigation Site located around the WWTP  plant can receive either Level II or Level IV water.  During non-irrigation season, all treated discharged water goes into Tenmile Creek.

541-759-4414 or
North Site – 541-759-2909

George Little,  

WW Asst Oper #1

Raymond McKinley

WW Asst Oper #2

Michael Powell

Lead WWTP Operator